Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We discovered one of Xander’s new skills this morning. We have a sudoku board that has tiles to go with it and lately, Rich and I have become slightly obsessed with playing – well maybe REALLY obsessed. Ok, ok – obsessed to the point of being so distraught over not being able to figure a particular one out that I couldn’t “handle” the idea of cooking dinner and we had a frozen pizza instead. But I digress…

Xander loves to sit next to whoever is working on a board and pretend to do one too. Xander knew he was picking up numbers and was saying numbers randomly as he placed the tiles. So today, Rich asked him to put the #4 tile on top of another 4. Low and behold, he did it. We proceeded to give him several more and he matched them all up perfectly. It was so cool to watch him match up numbers that looked similar. Now we realize that he doesn’t quite have the hang of which numbers look like what yet, it is still amazing (to us as his parents at least) that he is able to match them up!


  1. oooooooooo - i am intrigued with this boardgame version of sudoku!! i'm glad to see a "local" friend has also been bitten by the puzzle bug!!!

  2. The board game has been in "time-out" because I lack self-control.

    Maybe some evening when I don't have too much to do I can pull it down again.

    Actually, what will most likely be the case is that I'll pull it down promising myself I'll only play one game and still be working a puzzle when the boys wake up from a nap 2 hours later...