Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Living the Story

Yesterday we had a fabulous day with friends learning and experiencing the joys of the Easter account! Seeing little one's comprehend great truths is so precious. I am delighted to also see that teaching these truths is getting easier as they get older! There is a huge difference between two year olds and four year olds...
We started out our morning with a book. The kids loved putting up felt symbols as the account progressed! Their excitement was contagious!

And it only escalated into joyful shouts when they were told that they could dress up and act out the Resurrection scene!
:Heart Melting:
Two angels, three weeping women, two soldiers and an earthquake maker told us the story again, again and again! It's amazing what a few simple Bible costumes and a bunch of playsilks can do!

The kids concluded their portion of the morning with a ridiculously easy Easter craft. We simply put down making tape on watercolor paper in the form of a cross and let the kids water color all over.

Once dry, you gently pull the tape up and you have the crisp outline of the cross.

Lastly, as the children played - in costume, Noel brought Ressurrection Eggs so that our families could continue to explain what Easter is really about.
I'm so glad that we are not left to parent by ourselves. Having community is so helpful and encouraging!


  1. It looks there was fun for everyone. You did notice the "homeschooling" boys on the page with the "Resurrection Eggs"?

  2. my boys had such fun! i am sorry we had to leave early...the boys would have loved to do the resurrection eggs. we didn't get a chance to do them at our house since we were all recovering, but we plan on doing it soon! thankfully the gospel is always relevant :)

  3. "thankfully the gospel is always relevant "

    Isn't that the truth!!!