Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sorting and Sequencing!

Ahh the joys of sorting and sequencing.  This is the kind of "work" that has been engaged with relish in our house of late.  We love our doller store find of these bright rocks.  We've had fun sorting by color in trays as pictured and making patterned paths across the table and back! 

It's amazing how such simple things like playing with rocks can build a strong foundation for later math skills!

An interesting article on the importance of sorting and how to implement it in everyday life puts it this way:

Parents may think counting and recognizing numbers are the nuts and bolts of preschool math. While these are important skills for young mathematicians to master, building a foundation for complex mathematical thinking begins in the early childhood years. Sorting and classifying objects helps children begin to notice how items are alike and different, and creates an awareness that is vital for math learning.
It's so amazing that such simple "games" can play such an important role!  Check out the article to find a variety of easy ways to bring this in to everyday life!

Happy sorting...


  1. Not only does it help in math, but also science!

  2. Because I forget to tell you...THANK YOU FOR THE IDEA! Zane loves this and we have soooo many of these rocks.