Friday, December 4, 2009

Slowing Down...

Enjoying calm days at home this week doing a little of this:

Homemade playdough with green coloring, peppermint extract and glitter in honor of the holidays!  Easy on the eyes and smells like Christmas!

Still pondering how to make it work with 3 wannabe helpers...  Any tips?  There was quite a few shed tears and shoving as all four of us attempted to make playdough together.  This collection of playdough recipes/variations is a great place to start if you want to try something new!

Thankfully, playing with it went a lot smoother.

We've also been enjoying our beautiful weather.  The busyness of going mostly homemade this year for Christmas gifts has not deterred me from snatching some outdoor time myself.  I just take my work with me!


  1. I used to put all my ingredients and kids on my kitchen table. Then each child would get a turn measuring and pouring something in the bowl/bowls and stirring. Pancakes and muffins were always over mixed, but it was worth it. Good luck! I well remember the challenges of having three young children.


  2. Connie, what a great idea. There is so much more room than having all of them crowd around me while I try and do it at the kitchen counter... Thanks for the tip.