Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inspiration to Organize?

There has been re-arranging and such in our front room.   As Xander gets older, we are merging the concept of playroom with, gasp, school room.

Although this isn't a new problem, Rich mentioned the need to move our big filing cabinet from it's place in the garage - collecting dust, to the front room.

Apparently, the stacks of 'stuff' has reached the limit of livability.  And for my super-flexible hubby, that is saying a lot...

As you can see, organization and general tidiness are not strengths of mine.  (Although black and white makes it look a little nicer, doesn't it?)

So in that metal cabinet moved and since I didn't like the idea of staring at an ugly metal cabinet, I set out to try and beautify it!
A couple of yards of fabric and joyfully wrapping my brain around figuring it out, we now have a slipcover with a flip-front to make for easy access to my files!  

Now I just need to start sorting and filing!  Hurray for clean counter tops!

An added bonus is that people now have a place to stash their bags and coats when they come over to our house!

Want to come visit?


  1. WOW. Wow. WOw. wOW.
    Well done sister. You've organized and created such a wonderful learning space. I'd like to come over and play. Yes?

  2. Pretty and clever! I have a faux wood filing cabinet that's in our schoolroom/front room. I convince myself that it blends in well as an end table ;)