Friday, March 19, 2010


My baby turned two.  This spunky, no-fear little boy is a delight.  His giggle is infectious.

Treyton is a busy little man. Lately he's been caught doing the following things:

* dancing with kitchen shears.

*pulling a kids chair or stool into the kitchen and helping himself to all kinds of stuff found on my countertops.  (maybe this will motivate me to have magazine quality clean counters!)

* coloring the recliner with a sharpie.

* finding a sharpie and coloring the stool and my kitchen floor - all in the time it took me to walk to the pantry and pull out some flour...

*carting cups of rocks into the house and dumping them on my carpet.

*spearing dog poo and coming in to the living room to show mommy.

*scopping water out of the dog bowl and drinking it.

*grabbing a stick of butter that I had put out to soften and eating it.

*pulling my diaper bag down repeatedly and spreading it's contents all over the kitchen floor.

*decorating the bathroom with tp.

*climbing up onto MY bicycle seat when I turn to snap Keegan's bike helmet on.

*pulling down a new container of yogurt and then helping Duchess lick up the spilled contents from the floor.

*trying to throw bricks over the fence. ouch, for him that is.

This newly minted 2 year old keeps me busy...  But we wouldn't trade him for the world. 


  1. happy birthday Treyton! What a great little guy

  2. You left out that he kissed/licked his birthday candle - the lit end while it was still lit. Almost gave Opa a heart attack!