Friday, July 15, 2011

Play Silks: Inspiring Creativity

[Open-Ended Play Series, Part 6]

I love play silks!!! They are right up there with blocks and, to date, have not resulted in bruises or bloodshed… So maybe that alone, would place them above blocks.  And actually now that we've owned ours for several years and are getting a bit further into our homeschool journey, I'm loving them more and more!

Because so much of our learning is hands-on and dramatic, we find that we are using them all the time and I don't envision this slowing down anytime soon!

A play silk is simply a silk square (most commonly 36×36, but can be purchased/found in other sizes. Durable, beautiful, and useful in so many ways, play silks are an affordable way to inspire creativity and pretend play often absent from today’s toy box. They are probably the most used toy in our home and promote open-ended and imaginative play in a way that scripted toys simply cannot.

Play silks are perfect for: playing peek-a-boo, a doll blanket, sling, wings, a cape, a river, a turban, pirate’s headscarf, skirt, toga, belt, knights uniform, fort, or anything else a child dreams up…

Here are some peak into some of the ways our boys have played with them:

Recreating Curious George riding in a Hot Air Balloon.

Pirate boys walking the plank.

Fish in a pond!

Pretending to be a fish eating bird...

Playing baseball and running the bases...

Impromptu 'pouches' when we were learning about kangaroos during our study of Australia!

Re-enacting Bible stories such as the account of Abraham and Isaac.

Butterfly wings during our study of metamorphosis!

Adding to the feel of being a knight!

A Toy Garden is my favorite place to buy them.  The quality is superb and her customer service is amazing.  I don’t think there are any better deals on this quality of dyed silks out there.  I am in the process of getting a giveaway set up for some of these playsilks from A Toy Garden, so be sure to check back in the next week or two for details on that!  Giveaway details found hereEnds August 3rd.

[Open-Ended Play Series, PART 6]
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  1. Oh, I wanna win these! These look really fun! Love your blog. Just your book recommendations alone are really helpful to me.

  2. Hello Heather: It was wonderful meeting you at the homeschooling convention. I found your (and your mother's) remarks at the workshops inspiring and a true validation that everything I am doing to educate my young children through play and games is "on-track." I "liked" your blog on facebook. I think these silks would be a wonderful addition to our current exploration of music. I could see my two kiddos dancing around with the silks to the rythm of the music. I hope we win. Thank you and God Bless. Claudia