Monday, April 30, 2012

Community Matters

Community matters.  And I'm a firm believer in not putting all of our {relationship} eggs in one basket.  While I adore my online community, I also love having {in real life} community.  And my kids really love it too.  In this digital age, I think it is easy to try and fill our relational needs with virtual community.  Now there are perks to online community, but nothing really replaces the value and necessity of {in-person} friends. 

Over the last couple of years, I've just been blown away by the wonderful friends God has brought into my life: friends that love me through thick and thin, friends that anticipate what I'm going through, friends that pray for me and regularly let me know they are doing so.

As we get deeper into homeschooling, I'm also increasingly thankful for local support groups.  Last month at our mom's chat during our afternoon PE class, we all swapped field trip tips and ideas.  A friend of mine mentioned taking the light rail downtown and grabbing lunch at the TGIFriday's at the ballpark.  With Mima coming in town for a visit, I thought this would be the perfect outing.  It was a huge hit and I'm thankful for friends who share good ideas of things to do locally.  If we do this again, I want to also take one of the free tours that are offered of the ballpark or possibly come down before a game and watch batting practice!

This week, I picked up my real notebook to once again turn my eyes to Jesus and actively recognize God's many gifts in life.  I also pick-up my 'virtual' gratitude list and continue to make my online count towards 1,000 gifts...

937. beautiful homeschool community.
938. friends that love me for who I am and regularly check up on me.
939. boys and their love-affair with everything 'train'
940. wide-eyed boys taking in the empty ballpark.
941. special time with Mima.
942. a mother-in-law who loves me as one of her own, despite my quirks and strange ways of doing things.
943. baby girl giggles.
944. chubby hands waving
945. smiles that greet me each morning and after every nap!
946. gentle conviction every time I read the Word.  Ever-so thankful it is gentle.
947. meeting my new nephew - fresh out.
948. grace and peace even when life doesn't go as planned.
949. the thrill of inspecting tiny toes, fingers, ears, skinny legs and an impish little nose. 
950. soaking in the wonder of new life -the tangible reality of two becoming one.

951. That still small voice that draws me into the Word.
952. Early morning light which wakens my little 'Devotions' buddy.


  1. Loved all those pictures of all those happy, healthy family members!!

  2. you are inspiring, heather!! how close you are to 1000. i am tempted to start up my list again. (after so many fails...) God bless you as you continue to find blessings in the little and the daily :)