Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Attacking Crazy Birthday Week...

Duuun dun, duuun dun... {cue theme song from JAWS.} **  Selfishness was alive, well and on the hunt.  I just chuckle as I think back to the silly angst I felt at wanting to make sure I would have my own birthday 8 years ago.  He ended up making his grand entrance into the world 8 minutes before sharing a birthday with me.  Of course that was only because the doctor told me I could have him on the next push, if I would consent to an episiotomy.  With one look at the clock and the prospect of the 1.5+ hours of pushing being over, commonsense was over-ruled.  

Two years later and God had used motherhood to change my perspective.  I received another handsome birthday surprise when Keegan was born a week before my birthday.  By this time, I was actually hoping that he would come the day after my birthday so I could be sandwiched between my two boys. 

Before kids, I thought I was losing my birthday. Now I'm realizing more and more how blessed I am by my two birthday buddies.

While selfishness tends to be ruthless and frequently in attack mode, I'm so thankful that God does not respond in kind.  Instead He is marked by patience, gentleness and consistency as he peels back our layers of selfishness bit by bit...  He's been showing me a few of those areas this last week.  And as always, He is so faithful to lovingly, but firmly help me to let go.

So bring on 'crazy birthday week' - a beautiful reminder of God"s wonderful gifts and how patient He is with us... 

The boys requested a trip to our 'Arizona Beach', aka 'the Lagoon', aka my grandfather's community pool. We obliged and gave their birthday celebration a 'shark' twist!

I was inspired by these felt shark fins pinned on t-shirts, but when 'party hats' were requested, they quickly evolved!  Even the two cousin babies got a bite of the action!   I'm currently in love with felt!

** Believe it or not, I did not see this movie until after Rich and I were married.  Thankfully, we watched it AFTER our beach honeymoon...


  1. Happy birthday to all! I have 3 birthdays this week belonging to my first 3 sons. My birthday was last week. I remember being due just 3 days after my due date with my first and wanting to share my day with him....he had other plans and was a week late :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Your little sharks are adorable! Happy birthday to all of you. Selfishness often reigns over here too--praise God for His Holy Spirit's gentle conviction that gets me back on track. Gratitude is always the quencher of that selfishness!
    Beautiful photos, as always.

  3. The hats are simply fantastic!! Greta's "girl version" is great...almost looks looks like its from a fashion mag!

  4. Okay, I LOVE the flower on Greta's shark fin! Above all else, we must be girls, mustn't we?
    "Instead He is marked by patience, gentleness and consistency as he peels back our layers of selfishness bit by bit..." YES! Painful at times, but oh, so necessary. One of the glories of motherhood, if we let Him.

    Happy birthday to my friend and her two birthday buddies!

  5. Sadie, How very special that you get to share this time with 3 handsome young men!

  6. Heather, so thankful for the Holy Spirit's {gentle} work.

    Bethany, ahhhh, coming from you that is high praise indeed.

    Jamie, YES - we must be girls. My boys are quick to encourage anything girly for Greta!

  7. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great time. I love that Greta's fin comes with a flower attached. :)

  8. Happy Birthday, Heather! And happy birthday to your boys as well! My kids think it's great that we are entering "birthday season" in our home. I'm Sept, one boy is Oct, my husband is Nov and another boy is Dec. To have them all within a week or so, phew, I'd be beat!

  9. I love what you wrote about selfishness being peeled back. That was profound and I'm grateful for your perspective. I've never thought about how I share my birthday with the kids. Something to look towards for February.

    Ah. You're a breath of fresh air, Heather. Happy Birthday my friend and to your oldest two boys!