Saturday, October 13, 2012

Slowing down to SEE...

Eight year old fingers tapped out "Old MacDonald."  The four year old is galloping around the back yard, boots on, cape flying behind him as he takes his sturdy stick horse for yet another lap.  Middle son and I sit at the coffee table playing with our math blocks and working on math problems.

The girl is conflicted.  Play with math blocks or try to play the piano.  She ends up trying to manage both.

Keegan 'gets it' and starts to speed through his problems and for the first time in a while, I just sat back and watched each of my children.  Sure there were dirty dishes in the sink, piles that needed to be sorted and items either discarded or put away...  But for few minutes, I just savored.  And as I drank in the moment I was struck by its beauty.  What a great privilege I have to be with four of my favorite people, 24-7 - loving them, training them, learning along-side them.

Xander scooped up his sister so she could really start playing at the piano.  The recent return of sleepless nights {trying to cut those first teeth} fade from my memory as I watch my two book-ends giggling and playing together.

Why don't I SEE this more often?

As I mentioned on facebook, we had a hard start to our week.  I had slipped into one of those wheel spinning, but not progressing kind of modes.  God in his kindness pulled me out.  It is funny how sometimes the way to have forward progress is to slow down.  Slowing down to think, pray and SEE allows God to provide clarity and direction.

Thanking God for renewed vision and strength to delight in the everyday, aware of the Spirit at work in our lives and eager to participate in His plans for our days. 


  1. Another "homeschooling at its best moment" brought to you by Heather and her pupils!

  2. Beautiful, happy photos and a good reminder! I'll try to put my "eyes" on today! Thank you!

  3. Oh yes! That we would really SEE!!! It's precious! ENJOY!!!