Saturday, November 24, 2012

Observing Mother-Culture

Oh this picture makes my heart warm.  Last week sweet Greta and I hopped on a plane and went back to Michigan to visit my sister and her children.

We have talked extensively about the need to care for each other and our friends during the postpartum period.  It means so much to be supported during the healing and adjustment process after childbirth.  I loved hearing all of your ideas on how you enjoy being supported during the phase when I posed the question on facebook.  With her husband away for his first business trip after little Abraham arrived, Greta and I decided to go back and keep them company.

We cooked (and cleaned) and cooked (and cleaned).  But left her family with a freezer stocked full of nourishing meals!  I came bearing new baby gifts for my niece and nephew (because they should be able to sling their 'babies' too!) and hung out with my niece during 'rest time' so mama could nap!  Thankfully, her guy was almost 8 weeks old, because we did end up talking and praying for one another when we could have been going to bed earlier...  

I snapped pictures of her and her little guy because that little phase is so fleeting and should be captured on film.  Isn't he just precious?

There is something powerful about being in another's home.  It gives you the chance to observe the culture they are creating.  Remember how we as mothers are creating the culture of our home and shaping the future?

Watching my sister lovingly interact with her children, snuggle with her newborn, lovingly - yet consistently address the training of her strong-willed child inspire me.  She has strengths that I don't possess.  It excited me to return home and continue to pour into my own children, to take care with setting the ambiance of my home, to love my husband.  It reminded me of the importance of inviting other women into my home and taking advantage of opportunities to go into the homes of others.  As mothers, we have much to offer one another in the form of encouragement, inspiration and reminders to take care in cultivating the atmosphere of our homes, our interactions with our children and the building of our marriages.

In other news, she started teaching me how to knit.  Now I just have to remember what she taught me and hopefully between that and youtube, I'll be able to tackle the beautiful knit hat I'm envisioning for Greta!  Cast on, knit and pearl, knit and pearl.  Right? 


  1. I'm really glad you had this time with her. What a blessing for you both. And yeah, knitting! That's a skill I've been wanting to learn, myself. But somehow I can't seem to find the time and dedication to learning that. Good for you!

  2. I am also glad you had this time with her too. The photo's are so precious, such cute children :) I personally have never learned to knit, but have always wanted to. ~> You have a very nice blog, I enjoyed reading through it. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Another great site for reading I like is Homeschool Literature.
    Anyways, Congrats on being 2012 Homeschool blog award winner!