Monday, April 18, 2011


Play is such a powerful vehicle for learning.  We spent yesterday acting out Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  It is just hard to believe that a city that so jubilantly welcomed Jesus called for his death days later...  This will be a week full of lots of dramatic retelling of the final week leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus.

To start with, the kids prepared by making their own palm branches...
So simple - merely cut out hand prints taped to bamboo skewers and donning playsilks!
Even the youngest cousin was an eager participant!

Preparing the way into Jerusalem.

Shouts of
"Hosanna!  Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord"
An exuberant crowd.

It is just beautiful to behold children internalizing the most wonderful event in world history and re-enact God's grand rescue plan!

So many wonderful gifts to continue to count...

cousins excited over playsilks...

a sister who gets us all exploring natural dyes for eggs!
Proud boy expressions...
knowing that God will never give up on you...
collecting fresh eggs with friends.
an offer to borrow an incubator and eggs to incubate.
online friends who become in-person friends.
smooth and easy pregnancy week!
clear signs of baby growing.

Gifts 739-752


  1. Sunday was so much fun!! Thanks for pulling together the re-enactment; Evangeline keeps shouting "Hosanna" randomly. :-)

  2. Love the family celebrations of Jesus!

  3. What a sweet re-enactment :)
    We're dyeing our eggs tomorrow!
    Love this time of year... makes me mindful of why I'm here.

  4. Oh man, if we ever go on a trip like that (from your comment) we'll be SURE to look you up! Thanks so much for the offer! :)
    LOVE the belly shot, I forgot to say.

  5. Rich, sweet times of learning, love and life! How blessed you are, and full of gratitude.

  6. Hi! I'm stopping in from Ann's.

    I *love* the pictures of the kids reenacting Jesus' entry into Jerusalem!! Mine are still little (10 months) but I so look forward to the days when we can do stuff like this.

    Congrats on an easy pregnancy week! (I love the belly shot, too, btw.)