Friday, October 20, 2006

Too much "TO DO"

Ok, I’m finally ready (I think) to get some semblance of a schedule in place for Keegan. So I decided to spend a couple of days recording when he wakes, eats, sleeps, etc and look for patterns. In the process, I decided to try and figure out what it is that I do ALL day… My “to do” list never seems to have enough things marked off at the end of the day and this might be why…
3am – Keegan is fussing a bit, so I pop the binkie in his mouth (yup, he’s still in our room at 12 wks!!!)
3:35 – Keegan is fussing again, so I groggily get up and nurse him. As I’m laying him back down, I hear Xander start to cry and call for me. He can’t find HIS binky, so after locating it I give it to him, stroke his hair for a while to calm him down and then leave to go back to my other son who was cooing and laughing and is now fussing again.
4:10 – pull bassinet into hall and close doors to our room, so Rich doesn’t have to stay up with the boys too. I wait for Xander and Keegan to fall back asleep (or at least get quiet) before I crawl back into bed.
7am – Mercifully, Xander and Keegan decide to sleep in and don’t wake us up until 7 (instead of the 5:30-6am range). Change diapers. Grab milk for Xander, nurse Keegan. Pull together breakfast and eat! Clean up kitchen, play cars with Xander and Rich. Make my “to do” list for the day.
8am – put Keegan down for a nap, tell Xander he needs to get dressed, he runs to our bed. I jump up on the bed and we play tent under the sheets which reminds me that I haven’t washed the sheets in a while, so we strip the bed and start laundry.
8:30 – Keegan starts to fuss (yup, time to work on daytime naps), so I pat him on the back and sooth him back to sleep. See gift bags that need to be put away, grab those and find some more in the master room and proceed to organize my gift bag and tissue paper stashes, clean up Xander’s room and wrestle Xander into some clothes so we can go outside! Xander was so excited, but decided after being outside for all of 60 seconds or so that he wanted to go back in.
9am – Keegan wide awake and happy. I hold him and try to vacuum the upstairs that I had started on a previous day, but didn’t complete. Xander decided to go bug daddy, so it was a quick vac, before I had to drag a screaming boy downstairs and away for his daddy! We have a little “talk” then turn to coloring while I nurse Keegan and change his diaper.
10am – look in fridge to scout out options for lunch (yes I’m hungry already) and notice that I need to meal plan. Jot down some meal ideas, put together the beginning of a grocery list before Xander asks me to come and color with chalk. I draw an airplane, helicopter and train while he tries to imitate. Mostly, he likes to just hand me chalk and ask me to draw him things.
10:20 – Keegan is tired, so I put him down for a nap and proceed to work w/ Xander on his shapes and colors. We then play “chase” with the vacuum so I can get the downstairs vacuumed. I get mostly done when I need to empty the dyson’s filter. Xander is excited to go outside again. Come back in to put away toys in the family room before I vacuum. Notice the two plastic bins that I bought to organize and rotate toys. Decide to divide up toys and put some away while Xander is outside.
10:45 – Keegan starts fussing again, so I go up to comfort him. Rich walks by and asks where Xander is. I forgot that he was still outside. Run back down to check on him. He’s on the side of the house playing in the rocks. Run back inside to check on Keegan again. He’s down. Run back downstairs to finish vacuuming. Xander comes to the back door and calls for me. He wants to play catch. I’m torn, but remind myself that they are only little once. I drop my house work and go outside to play catch with my little boy!
11am – Rich comes downstairs and asks about lunch. I put water on to boil for noodles and proceed to reheat all of the leftovers. Rich takes over as I’m “needed” outdoors to play catch again!
11:15 – Get ready to eat, but what is that smell??? Yuk, poopy diapers should never happen right before lunch… change diaper, wash hands, eat lunch, clean up kitchen.
Noon – read books to Xander and put him down for a nap.
12:30 – Xander’s down, so I go back down to finish vacuuming and then make our bed.
1pm- Keegan wakes up and is hungry. Nurse. Rich comes in and informs me that Xander had been peeling his border off while winding down for a nap, so we plan out how we are going to deal with this. Multi-task by checking email and my web stats while feeding Keegan.
Entertain Keegan – he loves to be given a reason to laugh and coo! He’s wide awake. I play with him, plan out what sewing needs to get down over the next couple of weeks for the boutiques I’ll be doing and then put him in the bouncy so I can get a shower in.
2:35 - Nap time for Keegan. Both boys are finally down. I have some wonderful time with God and get a chance to read my Bible. I wish that I had found time for that earlier because it was so refreshing. I then turn my attention to updating the directions, sizing pictures and uploading changes to the web.
3:30 – Xander wakes up, followed shortly by Keegan. Nurse, change diapers and play! Xander calls out “lap, lap” and wants to hold Keegan. It is so cute to see how much they are really starting to enjoy each other.
4:30 – Xander plays, Keegan has tummy time while I start getting dinner ready. Xander comes over and starts dancing around Keegan and then sits on him. After disciplining Xander, daddy gets called in to occupy Xander while I finish dinner.
5pm – Keegan down for another nap, we eat dinner
6pm – Keegan is up, we take a walk to the mail box to get the mail and come back for bath time.
6:30 – Rich bathes Xander, I bathe Keegan.
7pm – Rich reads stories to Xander while I nurse Keegan and check email. (Have I ever mentioned that I’m addicted to checking my email!)
7:30 – Xander down and Keegan soon following
8pm – wasted the last 30 min on the internet and now getting down to business. Writing a blog entry, formatting pictures for my website and planning out the next day.
10:30 – Nurse Keegan and then crash. All are down for the count.
-- Whew! I’m tired just thinking about what all I’ve done today. There is never a dull moment at this point in my life! The boys keep us on our toes and always with a smile or sometimes confused look on or faces! We are learning firsthand about the benefits of consistent discipline and trying to be faithful each day to do what needs to get done. Someday, I’ll get everything from my “to do” list done. For now, I’m just going to do my best and keep playing with my boys!

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  1. Motherhood has to be the hardest job in the world! And, the most rewarding! You're the world to those guys.