Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cloth babies!

Well, we took the plunge this last week and made the switch to cloth diapers.

I’ve always wanted to use cloth. I sort of half-heartedly gave it a try with Xander by lining one of his disposables with a prefold to try and contain his explosions (which didn’t work). I was so disgusted by the prospect of having to WASH it, that I just threw it away with the disposable diaper… But here I am, giving it an official and real try.

Why the switch:
  • Saving money: I calculated out how much I’ll spend on Keegan’s diapers and using the one’s I bought, I’ll save about $400 on Keegan alone. Since I’ve factored in the bigger size diapers, Xander is free until he’s ready to potty train, which will hopefully be soon. I will not have to spend money on any future babies!
  • Reusable product: I’ve always been one to try to reuse items. My friends always tease me because I even reuse my ziplock bags. I’ve always hated the fact that I go thru so many diapers that are just going to sit in a dump somewhere…
  • Cool Colors: I’m also a sucker for having things match and now I can not only coordinate Xander’s cup to his outfit, I can also make sure that his diaper matches as well. Fuzzibunz is the brand of choice that we went with. They are pocket diapers that come in a variety of different colors.
  • Easy to use: Gone are the days of pins and diaper covers. These babies just snap on! They are adjustable and will grow with them. Ease of use was a must since I don’t want to be the only one changing diapers here. Rich had no problem using them either…
  • Not a Super Pooper: Keegan is no where near the super pooper that his brother was. I generally don’t have to worry about explosions and he only goes every couple of days (generally - whenever I say this, he usually steps up to the plate and proves me wrong ;) ). This makes it so much easier to make this switch.
  • Liners: My friend Kristin, who changed to cloth this past summer, told me about using microfleece scraps for diaper liners. So even though it’s not very often, if I have an especially messy diaper (or a baby who hasn’t started solids yet- i.e. Keegan) the liner can be thrown away. I think this alone pushed me over the edge. I had plenty of microfleece around here from making a mistake on cutting out pouches…
  • Excellent resale value: I chose Fuzzibunz (and a few Happy Heiny’s) because of their amazing resale value. If in a few weeks, I decide this really isn’t for me, I can just put them on ebay and get back what I paid for them…
Here are some pictures of my Christmas Cloth Cuties!!!!!

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  1. Thank you Heather for this information. I am only 8 weeks pregnant right now, but I am considering using cloth diapers. My friend Kari sent me your blog which is very helpful!