Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Tale of Two Nativities!

It was the best of times...

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is setting up the Nativity. Each year when we pulled out the Christmas decorations, I usually had the privilege of setting this up. When my mom bought a beautiful new Nativity set several years ago, I asked for the old one. She graciously indulged me and I now get to relive all of those memories each Christmas.

As those close to me know, I have a VERY vivid imagination – which can be both good and bad… During times like this, it is wonderful. As I would set up the Nativity scene each year, my mind would wonder back and I would replay the events that took place leading up to the birth of Christ. And each time, I’m filled with gratefulness and wonder that God would send his Son down to this earth in order to face an excruciating death so that I might live and have relationship with Him. Now that I’m a parent, it has taken on an even deeper meaning. I don’t think I could give up one of my son’s – even to save someone who deserved it. And to think that God sent his son to save us even though we could never do anything to deserve such grace – it’s amazing.

As a mother now, I want to pass on that sense of wonder and excitement about God’s love to my sons. Last year, his Omama and Opapa (my Oma and Opa) bought him the Little People Nativity set. He played with it a bit last year, but his understanding was quite limited. This year however, he understands more. I will always treasure my first time getting to set this up with him. We talked about the birth of Christ as we set it up. He loves his little nativity set. Of course, he loves mine even more. It’s funny how that always works out. He eventually figured out that mine was for looking at and his was for playing with. The following morning he proceeded to take his cars on a trip, via airplane, from the coffee table over to the end table to visit Jesus!

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