Friday, January 26, 2007

How to Get Things Done w/ a Baby...

Today was a good Keegan day! I've now mastered the backcarry in the mei tai with him and it makes getting errands done around the house so easy. I even had him on my back for a walk after dinner. He alternated between looking around, giggling and cuddling in closer to mommy!

Another good way to get things done is send daddy upstairs to take a nap with Keegan. Everyone wins. Two of my boys are rested from their late afternoon catnap and I was able to get dinner made and on the table with the help of my little cooker extraordinaire, Xander!


  1. YEAH! I am *such* a babywearing fan that it's practically sick... lol...
    I loved my mei tei...and when baby got fatter, I moved on to an Ergo..and, oh man, that's just da best. Though I did love the wrap too...but once baby got hefty, the Ergo was the only thing I could carry for long periods of time without my body hurting..

    Okay, enough babywearing rambling... :)

  2. ahh an Ergo. One of these days, I'll invest in one of those.