Sunday, January 21, 2007

Of Garbage Trucks, Diggers and Geat’n, eat’n, eatn’s…

Our little man loves his service vehicles. I think part of his fascination with everything construction is due to where we live. Since we were one of the first families to move into the neighborhood, he’s had the opportunity to see quite a few back hoe’s (also called diggers) and concrete mixers, tractors and what I call “sprinkler trucks” – which spray water for dust control here.

I’m assuming it’s because I grew up with all sisters, but, according to my dear hubby I had (or still have) an embarrassing lack of knowledge about all things construction related. For instance, I called back hoe’s, diggers. After some teasing though, we found that much of the children’s literature on construction refer to them as such. Little boys will cure that lack of knowledge in a hurry. We now have read a multitude of books on the subject and regularly converse about how many tractors, diggers, etc we get to see each day.

Our favorite has to be the concrete mixers. For some reason Xander calls them “Geat’n, eat’n, eat’n’s”. He does this cute little head bob thing and depending on his mood will say “eat’n” anywhere from 2-5 times when he sees one! (See video clip below)

So for Christmas, he received a set of construction vehicles. He loves his dump truck, back hoe, payloader and eat’n, eat’n, eat’n.

He is also obsessed with garbage trucks! (What little boy isn’t?) For his birthday, his Omama and Opapa bought him this garbage truck that even has a button to move a garbage can up and dump its contents into the garbage truck.

This video clip is from August where Xander was identifying trucks from one of his books for MiMa!

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