Friday, May 1, 2009

My Favorite

"My favorite" has been a favorite phrase around these parts lately. Xander randomly announced a couple of months ago, "Frank is my favorite." We were a bit confused as we have a friend, Frank, whom Xander is supposed to be calling by his last name... But no, he meant FRANK.

Today he was announcing that Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang was his favorite and then it was watermelon... When we asked which he liked the best of the two, he announced that they were both his favorites.

Well, I have a new favorite! Favorite place, that is. It is this grove of cottonwoods. Due to it's secluded nature, there are very few people here and the only thing you here is the wind rustling thru the tree's. It's hard to believe that we are in the middle of the city.

We met friends there yesterday for an enchanting morning!

The boys explored and got muddy.

Rode noble steeds.
Fought fierce dragons

Enjoyed their freedom.
And napped very well that afternoon!
Oh yes, we'll be back to our new favorite place!


  1. wow! this place looks great! where is it? (email me if you don't want to post it)..i know my kids would love it!

  2. Zane has been there Fri and Sat with Grandpa! But missed the airplanes Sat.

  3. How Beautiful!! If it isn't too hot when I get to AZ, you will have to show me.

  4. By6 the way, who is Frank? Imaginary friend?

  5. Mima, sorry, I had the link wrong for Frank. He's the harvester in the movie CARS. Probably because we pass so many tractors and harvesters when driving around, the boys are fixated with him.

    We'll definitely take you there! :)

    Gin/Bethany, it is over by the Gilbert Riparian preserve. But shhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell to many people. Seclusion is key to the magic of the place! ;)

  6. Looks like you guys found a great spot! No wonder it's your favorite! ;)

    That's funny about asking Xander if watermelon or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was his favorite.