Wednesday, April 29, 2009


As our family has grown, so has our need for a new-to-us, bigger table. (Our appartment sized table just wasn't cutting it.) So last summer, we found a black table with a bench seat on Craigslist. When we went to go look at it, the house wasn't very well lit and we didn't realize what a horrible job they had done of painting it. I mean, who uses flat black paint on a kitchen table?!?!?!?

It looked bad and was impossible to keep clean. So Rich gallantly took on the challenge of stripping the table and then giving this baby of ours a much needed facelift!

stripped and ready for stain
Ahhhhhhhhh, much better. We happened to find this table and our beautiful highchair during the same week. The highchair is what inspired us to go for a wood stained top with black legs.
A beautiful table, gorgeous highchair and a bench to squeeze little boy bodies atop!


  1. wow that's gorgeous!!

  2. Rich, the table looks great!!
    Let me get this straight though....
    It took you a little less than a year, about the same time it took me to build out my entire basement, to strip/sand and refinish the table? You might actually be slower than me!

  3. Looks amazing!!! Great Job, Rich!

    I love it!! That's exactly the look I'd like for our kitchen table {when it comes time to get rid of our apartment size table} :)

  4. Greg, to answer your question yes and no. I experimented with the bench first to see how it would turn out. I stripped and sanded and then was kind of afraid to apply the stain because once it's on, well, it's on. All told I spent more time on the bench than the table. I started working on the table on January 31st. So, yes, it took me three months, but it was worth the wait...I think

  5. Great job! It is really beautiful. Love, Mom

  6. I can't wait to see it in person!

    Rich...David said it looks good! as for me, it looks great.