Monday, June 8, 2009


Today I got to witness my very first birth! It was amazing!

It was a beautiful thing to behold. I am in awe of how God creates new life and enables new life to be born into this world. I'm thankful for the opportunity to help in small ways and capture pictures of this precious time!
This evening, we went over to celebrate little Keith Zebedee's birth-day. The boys are quite entranced with their newest little cousin.
In step with tradition, the boys helped make a birthday cake. And of course helped blow out the candles since the baby slept through the celebrations and Evangeline was busy running around.
Ev and Peaches (Rich's contribution to this post) made it back from vacation just in time to join the festivities! :)


  1. I love how Bethany is sitting eating dinner with you guys!! Congrats to the whole fam!

  2. What's with Peaches? Rich has already given him a nickname -- what does it mean?

  3. Well, he has this rather, uhh, shall I say "fruity" email address and the rest is history...

  4. This is one of Rich's ways to show love! Very few are lucky enough to get a nickname...