Friday, June 5, 2009


It has been a rough couple of weeks for Treyton. But he finally popped his first tooth - just shy of 15 months.

A molar.

I've never heard of getting molars first. Another molar is just about ready to pop through and I can see his eye teeth getting ready too. There is no sign of any teeth on his lower jaw. (I thought those were supposed to be the first to pop.
So we are feeding my poor miserable little boy lots of frozen peas and cold carrots. He's addicted to teething tablets. I'm addicted to him having teething tablets too. Whew. I'll be glad when the worst of the teeth eruptions is over...


  1. Poor kiddo! Man, a molar first. That's a rough introduction to teething for the little guy. Hope they all come through ok for him!

  2. I guess when you're the third boy in family, you need to find ways to be different! ;)

    What's a teething tablet?

  3. He's unique in so many ways!

    I updated with a link above. We love the Hyland Teething tablets.

  4. Charlotte is getting her eye teeth first (Hopefully they will cut soon; they have been bothering her for a while now. I can see them right below the surface.) and our niece got a molar for her first tooth. Some kids just don't want to be average. At least it gives the parents something to talk about.