Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am a visionary.  I love to plan, dream and throw myself into making those dreams and plans a reality.  But there is something that keeps getting in my way...
...other people.

In this case, little people!  Have any of you guys ever had in your mind how a day would turn out, only to find it takes a different turn?

I had planned for today to be our "Mayflower" day.  But the kids just aren't as in to it as I had envisioned.  I just have to laugh.  I had visions of little boys excited to help make 'hardtack' for our meal, help with building our Mayflower living quarters/fort, etc. 

Instead, they are more interested in playing outside... 

So I'm adjusting my expectations and we'll just roll with what the day brings. 

Thankfully, they are coming around, now that they have all of their wiggles out and are thouroughly dirty.   The dirt is fitting, since I doubt they had many baths during the 6 weeks on the Mayflower!

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