Monday, January 4, 2010

What's in a name?

Change has come. While still capturing family life thru pictures, bringing you along on our crazy learning adventures, posting my creative pursuits as well as sharing thoughts on parenting and educational philosophy, I needed a name that reflected my journey; something that would serve to remind me of the big picture and 'why' behind what I do...

As a daughter of the King, aside from spending time with Him, I am called to pursue kingdom work, the work of cultivating souls.

As a mother, I can imagine no greater privilege than to disciple and “cultivate” these three little lives by helping to prepare the soil (provide the environment) for them to encounter God and grow to be what He has called them to be!

But they aren’t the only lives that need cultivation. I need it too. I need Jesus each and every day... loving me, gently pruning me, causing me to blossom and bear fruit as I abide on the vine.

As a family, we need to cultivate our communing with God as the central aspect of our lives - knowing and loving Him with all our hearts, souls and minds. Out of that flows everything else – our creative pursuits, learning and loving others.

Thankfully, although I’m called to help in this cultivation, it is God’s Spirit and His Word that provides direction. He is faithfully at work in our hearts. Our job is merely to cooperate with His transforming work.

And that is where I will dwell, relying on the Master Gardener to be at work in my heart and in the hearts of each member of my family. Come and take a peak at my journey of cultivating intimacy with Jesus, providing opportunities for my children to encounter God, and weaving this glorious reality of 'God with us' into all that we do!


  1. Love the new look, and the refined direction!

  2. Linked here from Denise's.

    Read several of your posts. This was a good. Really liked what you wrote under "Cultivating Christ" and fully agree with it.

    Enjoyed the brief visit. You have a very good blog.