Thursday, January 14, 2010


In the interest of saving time and frustration (five year old boys only like to draw and write for so long), we scanned Xander's Christmas card and thank-you note drawing for the extended family. 

He adored seeing his 'artwork' displayed on each card and then both boys willingly drew illustrations of gifts they had received inside each card.  It was fun to have them join me in the process of crafting thank-you letters! :)

As is par for the course, he's still obsessed with pregnancy and chose to draw a picture of the trip to Bethleham with a 'visibly' pregnant Mary on the donkey.  He is also pretty enamored with drawing stars, both for their Christmas significance and in keeping with his favorite football team. ;)

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  1. this is a brilliant idea. we are still working on noah's thank you's from his birthday! augh!! next round i will definitely follow your lead!