Monday, April 5, 2010

Project Fail

Sometimes the best laid plans still flop. 

We made Resurrection Rolls this weekend.  It was beautiful in concept...

We talked about how Jesus, sinless and pure, had to die.  We buried our marshmellow in its biscuit tomb.

We eagerly broke open our rolls to discover the intended empty tomb.

Instead we discovered a soppy, stringy, VERY PRESENT marshmellow. 

NOTE TO SELF: Don't use stale, old marshmellows again.

Thankfully, a yummy object lesson gone wrong is just an opportunity to laugh and let your kids jump in with the truth...

Mess-ups and failures can be gifts too!

As I continue making my way towards counting 1,000+ gifts, I am learning to recognize His gifts in all kinds of places!  Want to join?

holy experience

166. a reminder to relax.  Teach creatively, but not stake too much on that...

167. Little hands getting a grasp on big truths...
168. a tomb that could not remain sealed, full.

169. worshipping with countless others!
170. Preparing to celebrate with family
171. Little boys on the hunt.
172. Signs of concentration.
173. Baby nephew exploring

174. a perfectly timed phone conversation with a dear friend.

175. Four days of very limited internet time.   Less screen time gives me more time to think and more time for my poor house and more time for those that matter most. 
175. My crazy boys, each with their own peculiar and unique quirks!

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  1. #167 - I think this is every Mother's prayer.
    #168 - Praise God for His plan of redemption, I'm eternally grateful.

    Thank you for sharing! :)