Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wise Words...

As I was strolling through the blogosphere I came upon these comments made by the well rounded mama:

I will cherish today. It is the only one I have. I want to soak up all that it has to offer...all the snuggles, all the kisses, all the teachable moments. I have been given a gift to raise these four children. They look to me to provide a living example of all I try to teach them. They need to SEE love and selflessness in action. They need to HEAR kind and healing words spoken. They need to FEEL my arms around them and feel kisses on their foreheads. They need to SMELL and TASTE good food that is made with love and that will fill their tummies. They need to KNOW that I truly believe that being a mother is the best thing in the entire world. This may be the hardest job I have ever done but there is none more important.
What a beautiful reminder that I can be a conduit of God's love to my family!

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