Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Play Silks - the winner

Dear Readers,  I've had so much fun reading through all of your comments on how your children would play with a set of playsilks or what they are currently dreaming up in their imaginary playworlds...  Children are simply so creative and it is a joy to hear about!

Sorry for the delay.  I made the mistake of letting in a salesperson today to 'quickly clean the carpet' in one of our rooms...   I was so distracted because I was in the process of trying to get dinner ready and prepare cinnamon rolls for my birthday boy tomorrow that I relented after my first refusal because she promised it would be quick.  An hour later and after a strong sales push to buy a fancy $2,000 vacuum/carpet cleaner/do-all, we were finally able to eat our dinner and then whisk the kids upstairs for bed.  I'm still shaking my head and wondering how I could have possibly been crazy enough to let them in - especially right before dinner time.  Oh the poor pregnancy brain that my husband is enduring these days...  He's such a trooper.

But back to the giveaway winner announcement.  I used to generate the winning number and it was comment #21.

Desi Brown said...

Judging by how the heat is making everybody a little kooky, I imagine my boys would turn their playsilks into a make shift bomb or a sister torturing device. My daughter on the other hand would use them as costumes, baby slings, baby blankets, clothing accessories or as ropes to tie up her little brothers.

Your comment totally made me laugh.  The heat has been making us a little kooky over here too, especially since I've put the kibosh on playing golf or football in the backyard at 3:30 in the afternoon.  They've taken to donning capes and running laps around the house at breakneck speeds.  I'll be contacting you so you can pick out those playsilks! 

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