Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rainy Day Play

As the rain pitter-pattered down, I settled into a chair on the back porch with my hands wrapped around a mug of warm soup. My precious two-month old is napping inside.  Warm fills me while the wind nips at my arms, chilling them.  I slowly breath in the lovely smells that accompany a desert rain.

Meanwhile, boys race around the yard on {stick}horseback.  First they round up cattle and drive them to the train station.  Then they are off to the races - steeple chasing and coaxing other great stunts from their {stick}horses.  This is the last week of our horses unit and they are entranced with all that they have discovered.

It is a rainy day, a lazy day and yet always, always a learning day...

To live is to learn and they are busy at this work of learning - incorporating it into every aspect of their play, tapping into that creativity that God placed inside each one of them and honing their relational skills as they navigate working together.

Rainy days have a relaxing, calming effect on all of us.  Inside, the 5 year old pulls out our Global Twister map, the continent boxes and an assortment of other toys for some impromptu geography review.

Penguins take up residence in the antarctic regions, always on alert for predators like the leopard seal and the killer whale.

A discussion arose about the Liberty Bell which relocated from its original placement in western Canada to its rightful position in New England.

And Xander spent time studying his sister.

Apparently rain doesn't have a calming effect on everyone because these moments were soon followed up with some conflict resolution training as the three year old came in and laid claim to half the toys...

Life is all a learning experience, isn't it?!?

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  1. Mmmm, I love rainy days. Sitting on the porch with a cup of soup? Wonderful :)
    Someone recently found out I like to do that too and said, "Well, some of us have to work!"
    I couldn't help but laugh inside because it was meant as an insult. I praise God I have the blessing of being able to enjoy a moment of relaxation on a rainy day at home :)