Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Blessings of Trial

Trials are never fun, but I am always amazed at the blessings tucked inside various trials.

As I mentioned a while ago, there has been some upheaval in our family.  The biggest change was finding out my dad had cancer and their subsequent relocation to California for treatment.  I guess the beauty of a new baby is that the last two months have zipped by and we are excitedly anticipating my parent's return a week from now!

Watching faith in action is a beautiful thing.  God has a way of refining us, drawing us close to Him and growing us during these trials.  Oftentimes, that supernatural work spills over into other's lives as well. 

We have been blown away at the care, concern and prayer support that people have extended to our family.  My dad recently communicated his gratitude for every one's prayers as he emailed an update to friends and family.  I found myself so encouraged by what he wrote:

I definitely have noticed the Holy Spirit’s presence. I’ve also discovered that prayer is similar to radiation treatment although much more positive. Just as radiation treatment affects the surrounding organs and tissues on its way to the intended target so prayer affects the entire person (body soul & spirit) on its way to its intended fulfillment. In my case there has been an increase in God consciousness, greater capacity in resisting those irksome sins that so easily entangle and a great deal of peace. I do covet your prayers.
Thank you for your prayers for my dad.  We are filled with gratitude at God's continued faithfulness and how He uses every situation in our lives to draw us close.

After a wonderful weekend with my parents, I find myself counting and counting and counting just a few of the many gifts showered on my family...

...and I continue my formal 'online' count towards 1,000 gifts.

867. cancer treatments that are almost done.
868. radiation machines that have stayed up and running, eliminating delays in treatment!
869. trials that cause faith to grow.
870. the Holy Spirit's work through the prayers of His people.
871. the fresh realization that God cares for the whole of us - body, soul and spirit.
872. watching the boys excitement as the Thanksgiving weekend with my parents approached.
873. buying the turkey which meant an excuse to make our way over early Thursday morning!
874. a family that has been healthy so far this fall.
875. boys taking up their clubs to play the long awaited tournament.  (usually a weekly tradition)
876. seeing my dad enjoy his time with my boys as much as they enjoyed being with him.

877. baby sisters belly starting to swell with new life!
878. birthday celebrations and Dominion playing!
879. my mom here and getting to cuddle with Greta
880. the sweet reward of smiles and coo's of delight from our 2 month old darling.
881. hand-knit sweater and bonnet worn now for three generations!
882. laughing as my mom tries to smooth away the 'concentrating' wrinkles that my daughter gets on her forhead just like I do...
883. games, games and more games!

884. a long-overdue date night!
885. hiking up 'A' mountain like we used to do before we were married.
886. parents who braved taking all four kids and the three-hour window that gave us!!!
887. a fun night of making ratatouille while watching Ratatouille for the boys.

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  1. Yaay for #884! And for family times! Your family is precious...enjoy these fast fleeting days!