Sunday, November 20, 2011

Superhero Complex...

Every parent probably has things they would rather their children not get into...  My mom's aversion was barbies.  Mine is super heroes.

Anyone who has been at our home in the last couple of months would think that Treyton doesn't have any other clothes.  Much to my chagrin, this exuberant son of mine is just {slightly} obsessed with super heroes.

Call me weird, but I don't really care for superheroes.  In fact, I had gone out of my way to NOT expose my boys to super hero books, TV shows, paraphernalia, etc. Growing up in a family of all girls, my introduction to the world of superheroes has largely been with the live action movies that I've seen as an adult. I'm sorry, but most of them do not fit the bill of approved role model. {ahem. IronMan for example.} 

While we had these cute superman jammies from the get go, I figured I was safe since they didn't 'know' what they went to.  But I guess some kids are just wired with a superhero complex.  All it took was some friends talking about super heroes and then spying an Iron Man doll at another friends house.  He is hooked.

Now he sports his pj's complete with red underwear on the outside, a red playsilk cape and snowman socks for boots.  I admire his creativity.

Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff?!?!?!?!  And who dreamed up super hero costumes with underwear being worn over tights.  Ugh.

I've drawn the line at wearing this out and about, but as you will notice, most pictures taken at home will reveal him decked out and ready to save the world...or at least his sister.

I'm also learning to loosen up and smile at this {hopefully} short phase...


  1. ::sigh:: Oddly, I can relate to this post. Despite my best efforts, E is obsessed with princesses and unicorns. Thankfully, they will both outgrow these things, or at least learn to discern the good in both types and discard the superficial parts.

  2. It's so hard, isn't it? We don't do Barbies either and aren't really into the whole Superhero thing. But I swear, my kids know exactly which friends have what toys (including the barbies and superheroes) and beg to go to their house. It's like they have a sixth sense. I guess as long as none of those toys are sitting around naked... Wait, can I say that word on here? Sorry.

  3. i find it be SUCH a hard internal battle... the letting go and the resolving against the tide of what's popular/prevalent. we don't do barbies or any weird twisted body image dolls.. and i am still holding my line of no guns in the house. although i have relented on swords and bows and arrows. where oh where is the logic in that!?! i have no idea it just feels right... :) in the end i try to remember --- its just like anything else.. i am called to teach these things. the right way. you are worth more than having beautiful hair and giraffe like legs and using weapons to express your feelings is a cheap alternative to saying how you feel. Lord help us. :)
    i am new to your blog-- and really enjoying it! :)

  4. My boys (3 & 5) are obsessed with Superheros (mostly the 5 year old). They tend to wear superhero PJ's, halloween costume and at the very least capes most days. I'm just rolling with it and using it to teach charactor....a true superhero stands for the lord and for good at all times and in all places, a true superhero defends the weak and the defenseless, a true superhero is honest and true....etc. We just focus on making this phase work for us....and they'll not be seeing any of the live action movies for a VERY VERY long time.

  5. Amen and amen. I'm laughing over here because I'm sick to death with Barbies and fake-ness. I'm hopeful that with all the imaginary play they learn something about true self-worth and that what the Lord says about them in the Word is what counts.

    The boys are still too young for obsession with super heroes, but in a way I welcome it as a counter to the Princess-drenched world the girls are in. Ugh. Lord give me wisdom.

  6. They do out grow it -- just look at Rich. Oh, my! that guy that flew by with the red cape -- was that Rich? Seriously, they out grow it. Becki was not into Barbie's or any other doll. Kayla is the same. But I had baby dolls & loved playing mommy, I did have Nurse Nancy with all the clothes but she was nothing like Barbie. MiMa

  7. The bottom photo with Treyton, Greta and Evangeline is so precious!

    I would not worry about superhero dress-up, at least I didn't. As long as real life is filled with real adventure, doing actual stuff with important people like parents, imaginary stuff will always just be a fill-in for down time. Dress-up play is just another way to use the imagination. Superheroes do good, gigantic things for others-- nothing wrong with mimicking that. You could let him watch a Bibleman video to switch over from Superman if you wanted.

    Dennis says if your child's heart has gone to superheroes or princesses, go into that world with them and explore that world with them. Study Bible heros and princesses like David and Esther, for example. Gregg Harris calls it Delight Directed studies.