Friday, December 9, 2011

Memories Made, Memories Remembered

I just love this time of year.  For our family it is actually not a very busy time and I love the quiet evenings spent making memories.  I am drinking in the moment and imprinting it in my mind - their giggles of delight, squeals as they discover a favorite ornament, excited faces as past memories are shared, time spent in awe of the Incarnation - God come to earth, etc...

I thank God for this little family He has blessed me with and I am so thankful that He sent Jesus to make a way to bring us back into His family!

Christmas lights, in every format, are a favorite at our home.

Finally, after 10.5 years of marriage, I decided that we needed a tree-topper last year.  Sadly, I didn't get it made until after Christmas.  So this is our doily star's inaugural trip to the top of the tree!  Do you have anything hand-made on your tree?

Of course, the boys favorite ornament is this little guy...

 I think mine is still this set that we received as a wedding gift!  Rich threatens me with a handlebar mustache every time he sees it.
While Greta was present during all of this, I'm not sure she was taking in very much.


  1. What a precious time of year. I noticed super hero is still around. And what an adorable pic of baby Greta. Love you all, MiMa

  2. SUCH a beautifully sparkling tree Heather! :)

    Isn't it a wonderful time to relish in the memories and make new ones?? Our children have their favourite ornaments too. My favourites are the ones the children made in their early elementary years.

    Many CHRISTmas blessings to you! Enjoy these precious precious days with your family while they are young...each stage is precious...treasure the moments!

    May the LORD bless you all with HIS peace and presence this CHRISTmas Heather.

    In HIS Love,