Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Forest Walk

 Through a cacti forest that is...

The desert lured us out.  It is in full bloom - greener, with tiny splashes of color.  We ran, poked the dirt, inspected scat, played in dry washes and admired God's creation.  Greta managed to sleep through it all securely snuggled up to me.

This was a particularly windy day. It was fascinating to walk past soaring saguaro's and see them sway as the wind whistled past.  It was the most beautiful sound.  I've noticed the wind in the tree's when we escape up north to the pine country.  But I've failed to notice the sound of wind whipping past a statuesque saguaro.

It is so nice to slow down and use our senses to take in everything. 

As little fingers gently touched these thorns thoughts turned towards the crown of thorns placed on Jesus' head.  Oh what He went through for us...

Spring makes many antsy to get outside. For some it is because they have been home bound because of the cold. For us it is the knowledge of impending heat that limits our summer outdoor hours...

Have you had any outdoor adventures this week?


  1. These pictures make me ache for the desert. Which mountain range is that? South Mountains?

  2. Nana used to say she loved the beutiful colors of the cacti after a cool & wet "spring". Will it still be alive with color when I get there? The boys look like they are having a ball!! Love, MiMa

  3. I always love your pictures! It's amazing how much different your forest walk looks from our's here in GA! :) I love the cacti though I've never been to the desert...maybe one day!

  4. Bethany, we hiked the Gold Mountains, near San Tan!

    Mima, I sure hope so. I was thinking a twilight hike would be so much fun!

    Tara, I know. Isn't it facsinating to see how varied God's creation is??? If you ever make it out to Arizona, let me know. We love having visitors! The desert is very unique and beautiful in its own special way.

  5. Wow, how varied God's creation is! Our forest is so vastly different than yours and yet, both are so beautiful in their own ways. You make me want to get out for another hike! Perhaps I'll post later how the wind rustled our pine trees :)

  6. it's beautiful even in the desert! God's creation is amazing! glad y'all had fun! :)

  7. Beautiful post my friend. I had never thought about wind whipping past a giant cactus before...but, it's a lovely thought. :)

    Yes, indeed...those thorns!! The LORD truly is Good! What a blessing to belong to HIM!

    May HE bless you all this weekend as you celebrate HIM!
    HE is RISEN!

    Blessings to you!
    Isaiah 26:3-4

  8. I love these pictures, ,and what a beautiful hike! So glad you could get out there and enjoy!

  9. I love the emphasis of nature on your blog. My husband and I are always amazed at how nature transforms our children. A hike in the woods can instantly cure their crabbiness or irritability. I always think of Psalm 19 on our hikes... how creation pours forth speech. When we enter the woods, my kids are saturated in God's creation--a form of speech that helps them recognize God. It changes them. It changes our whole family.

    Many Blessings to you.

  10. Sara, I couldn't agree more. It is almost always an instant cure for crabbiness - theirs or mine. I love how you worded the impact of nature explorations as a way of hearing God speak!