Thursday, May 24, 2012

Would You Pray With Me?

I've mentioned my friend Amanda before here and here.  We met through our blogs a little over a year ago and then realized that we lived a mere 15 minutes away from each other...  Small world, isn't it?

For weeks, we have been trying to get together and map out our joint summer learning adventures. 
Today was to be that day.  And I DID get to see her, but not at my home with our children running crazy circles around us.  Today, I went to visit her in the hospital. 

My beautiful friend had a stroke on Sunday evening.  I didn't even know someone that young could have one... Half of her body was paralyzed. Life for the next few months is going to look a lot different for their family. 

I am sobered at how fragile life is and how quickly things can change.  I am also in awe at how God is at work here. Her mother wrote that she started playing worship music on Monday afternoon and as her back was turned she heard Amanda start to cry.  She turned to find Amanda with her one good arm raised in the air and tears streaming down her face - worshiping God. 

She is passionate - about God, her marriage, her children...  It is so clear that God's strength has invaded every part of her being and He is at work.

But I'm not going to lie to you.  Visiting her today was hard.  It reminded me to keep petitioning the Great Healer to touch her body, heal her and protect that little baby growing inside of her.

Would you join me in interceding for this precious family? 

For Amanda
  • Relief from the intense headaches and nausea.
  • That she would be able to keep food down and able to swallow again so they can remove the feeding tube. 
  • That she would continue to regain movement of her limbs.
  • Rest, sweet rest.
  • Repair to any neural damage she may have sustained.
  • Comfort and peace as only GOD can provide.
For Ben, her husband and Nancy, her mother
  • Rest.  They've been going back and forth between the hospital and the kids.
  • Strength for both.  Amanda has always spoken of Ben's strength.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would strengthen him as he takes care of his wife and kids.  Pray for strength for Nancy.  I was exhausted spending just a few days in the hospital when Xander had pneumonia last year.  I can't imagine a situation like this.
  • Faith renewed, moment by moment.
  • Supernatural wisdom as they make any decision they need to make.
  • Comfort and peace
For her unborn baby.  She is 14 weeks along.  Baby is doing very well at this point which is a huge praise!

For her precious children as they deal with the absence of their mother and all of the changes right now.

For those she and her family comes in contact with.  While praying for God's healing work in her body, let's also pray for the eternal healing work in the hearts of those that she and her family meet during this trial. 

As I've been praying for her, the Holy Spirit laid Acts 3 on my heart where Peter and John heal the paralyzed man at the temple gate.  I love the kids song that recounts this passage of scripture.  The kids and I have been singing it constantly for the last two days.  God gave me this picture of Amanda walking, leaping and praising God - pregnant and all!  I can't wait to see this become a reality!

ETA: Amanda was moved to Rehab last night (5/24) which is a huge step in the right direction.  God is at work and it is a beautiful thing to behold.


  1. Oh, Heather! I can't imagine and of course will be lifting our sister up in prayer. Thank you for sharing this request and for being the sweet friend that you obviously are.
    Trusting in our Mighty Healer to do the work that only He can do...

  2. Wow! I will definitely be praying for Amanda and her family!

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry! My heart breaks for the pain of this family, but rejoices for work that God is going to do, is already doing.

    Lord Jesus, just be with them. Let them feel your presence like a warm blanket around them and give them peace and security in their hearts. In Jesus' precious and matchless name, Amen.

  4. I remember meeting her once at a homeschool potluck. Heartbreaking. Praying that God will move in a powerful way.

  5. Thank you for interceding for this sister in Christ. She was moved to the rehab center last night after a good day with physical therapy! This is a wonderful move. God is at work!!!

  6. I learned last year that strokes hit young mothers when this author had a major stroke--she went from being a homeschooling mom/writer to a long-term hospital/rehab patient overnight. It's always amazing to read the posts "right before" the crisis hits. She was busy putting away Christmas decorations and doing THINGS THAT NEED TO BE DONE! And then she was fighting for her life and couldn't do anything...and then slight movements were progress. It's been a long road but the family is surviving and coping--hers was a MAJOR incident...there's a huge continuum of stroke victims. If Amanda's already in rehab, she's got a much better prognosis then Joanne. Praying for them both as they come to mind....

  7. Kim, thanks for the reminder. I remember Janna, from Mustard Seeds, writing about her friend Joanne. Praying for her continued recovery and encouraged to keep praying for Amanda and her family.

  8. Lord, please bless this precious lady. I'm sad that someone this young would have to go through this. I especially pray for her unborn baby

  9. Thanks for your prayers. Here is an update from her mother this morning, Monday the 28th.

    I did not realize how tired I was until Steve, Ben's dad and my hubby Terry arrived. 5 hours of sleep last night felt like 10!
    Terry was so glad to finally be able to see Amanda- they love to take long fast walks together and through tears she said "dad- I can't walk with you right now... but I WILL!"

    Three areas I have been asking God for are her smile, speech and swallow to be restored. We are seeing such progress in all of those areas just in the last 48 hours. It started with Ben being able to have a 30 minute conversation with two days ago and now she is able to speak in full complete and intricate sentences. Her words are understandable although her is still weakened in strength (this will come !) When Rae and Mike Hyatt came to see her last night she was not just talking- but speaking scripture and declaring the word of God over her life and her baby!

    We got her laughing yesterday over some crazy antic of her dad (surprised anyone?) and her SMILE is so much better... only a little more to and it will be 100%. Such improvement over the last two days!!

    Her swallow is also greatly improved.She has working on some ice chips and is able to keep them completely in her mouth, chew and swallow all of the liquid. This is the first step in being able to transition off the feeding tube to solid liquids. No vomiting of late either.

    Everyday OB comes into check on baby's heartbeat. On Saturday "he" wasn't coming out to play and did not want to allow us to find him, but yesterday after a little hide and seek Terry and I were able to hear a good strong heartbeat from the littlest Ippel. precious!

    She is missing her kids terribly and wants to see them. Please pray their hearts to be prepared, grace to cover and the right timing. i told her let us know when she is ready and we will make that happen (she said NOW) ... I said would you like to see them 2 at a time.... vehemently shook her head no and firmly held up four fingers... all of them she replied!

    Pray for continued grace to carry Ben, wisdom for those of us who are caring for the kids so we can be consistant and (try) to fill her shoes (impossible) for this season.

  10. Thanks for the update. I'm praying for Amanda and am glad to hear of improvements!

  11. Thank-you for the continuing updates on Amanda. I don't "know" her, but her story has truly touched me. I can't imagine going through what she is, and being pregnant on top of it! May God continue to work miracles in her and bless her with a fast recovery and her family with the strength they need to get through this difficult time!

  12. I'm in awe at how far God has brought my friend Amanda!!!!! Went to visit her today and am blown away by the progress she's made in the last week since I saw her and in the last week and a half since her stroke! With God all things are possible. That woman walked today and was such a trooper in physical therapy! Her unborn baby is doing well too!!! Thanks to everyone who has been praying for her! She's excited to recover full use of her left arm and leg and get home to her 4 beautiful young children at home.

  13. Yes, I'm praying! Go is so good!! :)