Monday, July 23, 2012

Olympic Ring Art

It is amazing how much fun some toilet paper tubes and paint can be!!!

As the craziness of convention time comes to a close, I find myself refreshed and itching to just BE with my kids. Funny how a weekend away from the kids, getting inspired to teach, train and raise these kids makes us antsy to get back to them.

My workshops went well and I had the opportunity to meet some of YOU lovely readers out there! That was so exciting! I never tire of hearing stories and sharing the excitement of new {homeschooling} adventures with others! Now, as we settle back into normal routine here, we find ourselves looking forward to the start of the Olympics with eager anticipation! To kick start the week, we pulled out some toilet paper rolls (with a family of 6, it wasn't hard to locate 5 empty rolls), our paints and made some Olympic signs in preparation for our 'indoor olympics' competition later this week. We haven't finalized our wishlist of events yet...  But we are confident that it is going to be awesome!

We enjoyed learning the background of the rings and then painting away! The younger boys soon delved into making abstract circle art, reminding me that I need to pull out the paints more often - especially for my little preschooler!

Have any of you discovered the beauty of Pinterest?  I LOVE it.  I'm so visual and love this visual snapshot of things I want to remember to try later!  It also is a great way to organize my many eclectic interests!  You can check out my boards here.    I've even put together a Pinterest board for the Olympics that I shared on facebook last week..  I'm debating how we want to make our own medals.  Clay or aluminum foil/wrapping paper???  hmmmm.  If you are on Pinterest, I'd love to follow you, so don't be shy about saying hello!

We've also been enjoying some Olympic reading.  Do you have any favorites?  We've especially enjoyed the beautiful picture biographies!  Here are some of our favorites:
(ETA ~ The two books about Olympians briefly address race-discrimination issues, just so you have a heads-up.)
(if you don't see our Olympics book widget, just click on over to the blog.)

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  1. What a great idea! Love this!!!
    And I will find you on Pinterest- I love it too!

  2. Creativity is not my strength... so I love all your ideas (and Pinterest, too!) I am curious... how do you come up with all your book selections, Heather?

  3. Louisa, I look, look and look for books. Oftentimes I'll start with the library catalog and then look up a good one on Amazon. Amazon typically does a pretty good job of linking to other good books.

    I just realized that I had wanted to give a caution to you as parents that the two about athletes address 'race/discrimination issues' so you have a heads up that you will have an opportunity to talk about that with your children.

  4. I didn't get to attend any of your sessions (or anyone else's) at the convention, since I had a booth for Heavenly Princess But I did see you! In fact, on Saturday morning my sister and I were standing right in front of you at the crosswalk. I enjoyed your sessions two years ago, the last time I was actually able to attend the convention as a listener :) My mom would have heard you this year, had she not been home with our two boys (close in age to yours) who were sick :(

    I'm on pinterest: I pin lots having to do with modest and feminine fashion (especially little girls), history, and biblical quotes. I also pin for Zibbet (which is like Etsy).


  5. Jordan, thanks for the link to your pinterest. With a baby girl now, I'm sure I'll find some of your pins coming in handy soon enough! Oh and that is a bummer about your boys being sick. :( I hope they are on the mend now.

  6. Just wanted to say thank you so much for your sessions at the convention on Saturday!!! We so enjoyed getting to hear you speak, and I have lots of ideas to try out. Looking forward to reading your blog!!

    Diana (Chandler, AZ)

  7. What a fun Mom you are Heather! Your kids are blessed that you are so involved in teaching them...and playing with them! :)

    I'm not on Pintrest or Facebook...but, I enjoy your blog.

    Blessings to you!