Monday, February 8, 2010


Taking the time to, once again, count my blessings.  Turning my attention upward does wonders for curing the blues...

So my list continues.  Counting my way to 1000...

81.  So incredibly grateful that God touched my heart at such a young age and has never let me go since...

82. That God speaks to me, whether it is confirmation of something via a friend, through a song or bringing the right piece of Scripture to me when I need it.

83. glimpses of His splendor and a desire to see more fully.

84. feeling that calming presence of God when the world around is swirling, ever changing and sometimes frightening.
85. Cookie-snatching Treyton who keeps me constantly on my toes.  God knows that I hate being bored!

86. Help at dinner time.  My visiting mother-in-law made meal time prep so much easier last week.

87. Extra laps at our family music class!
89. seeing my oldest dancing with his Mima.

90. tongue-out, hard-at-work, concentration by middle bit.

91. The sound of bells being shook by little boys
92. boys obsessed with cowboy hats and boots.  I know I will miss it so much all too soon...

holy experience

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  1. I loved reading your list for today and for the sweet, precious pictures of your boys with their grandparents. What a blessing that is to have them. Makes me stop and thank God for my children's grandparents as well.