Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Well, it's been a while since I posted any kind of pregnancy update, so here is the digest version:
  • 27 weeks along.
  • 5 weeks past the time when I went on quasi-bedrest with the last pregnancy. (hurray!)
  • Despite contractions starting at 13 weeks.  Seriously?!?!?!?
  • Thrilled to be in a place of getting to take care of my family and still do some outside activities.
  • But mostly staying home these days and sneaking in a daily nap.
  • Loving getting to feel this little girl twirl and wiggle around inside. 
  • She has a name: Greta Renee
The longer version, for those that are interested...
Anyone that has followed the blog long enough (3.5 years) or knows me is aware that my last pregnancy was a wee bit challenging.  Starting at 21 weeks, I began having bouts of contractions that were 3-5 minutes apart.  My midwife asked me to 'rest'.  It wasn't full bedrest, but it certainly felt quite close to it.  It was a humbling time, to say the least.  At 32 weeks the contractions picked up once again in frequency and intensity that caused me to start effacing and dilating, so I was on periodic full bedrest, sprinkled with more time of 'rest'.  Not being able to adequately care for my family was very difficult and while God certainly used that time to grow me, I had no desire to ever repeat that experience again.  I was not designed to lay on a couch.

Of course after my 14 weeks of 'rest', Treyton still decided to hang out inside (despite no let up in the contractions) until a day before his due date.

This time around, we know that I don't have a history of going early, but I am also trying to err on the side of caution and keep my pace slower than the norm.  I have no desire to repeat our experience with Treyton.  I cannot even begin to describe how difficult it was emotionally and psychologically.  My goal is to make it through the summer taking good care of my family, keeping the contractions at bay and being in a position to fulfill my commitment to speak at the homeschool convention here in Arizona as I cross the 30 week mark.  {Just 3 weeks away!!!!! Can you tell I'm getting excited?}

As I sit here, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  At 27 weeks, I'm now 5 weeks past the point when I started 'resting' last time and we couldn't be more thrilled.  While I'm still having annoying and surprisingly strong contractions, there is not the level of consistency that occurred last time.  Unfortunately, my body just likes to practice - a lot.

Still counting His many gifts to me and finally making it online to post some more of them... 
796. I'm thankful that I can still get out and about with ease.
797. That our ordeal with bedrest occurred last pregnancy when Rich worked from home.
798. Grocery shopping and being able to load and unload them from the car.
799. Ability to do laundry.
800. Walking up and down the stairs whenever I need to!
801. For Natural Calm magnesium which is helping me sleep better at night (and possibly helping to keep these contractions at bay).
802. For the night and day emotional difference right now to last pregnancy.  (Thank you Jesus!!!)
803.That I can be on my feet playing with my boys.
804. Boys who love to play with together and have been content with the slower pace this summer.
805. Kiddie Pools.
806. Swimming in Opa's pool.  Oh the feeling of being weightless!
807. Boys obsessed with books.
808. Feeling this little girl squirm and move.
809. The baby {belly} hugs that this little girl (and mama) receive all thru the day from 3 excited brothers.
810. For my midwife who gently, but consistently reminds me to take it easy.
811. Enjoying and cherishing each little phase of this pregnancy!
812. That I sometimes still forget I'm pregnant and try usually simple things like 'skipping'.
813. The comical relief at seeing my lame attempts to do so...
814. Naptime with my youngest (who won't reliably take a nap these days unless he is in bed with me)
815. The anticipation of getting to meet her at the end of September or early October!


  1. That's the sweetest little "bump" I've ever seen :)
    What a story you've had with your pregnancies! So thankful this one is less eventful--at least in the eyes of you! Hold on, Little Girl in there!

  2. Sunday & Monday after the convention you get to rest. MiMa & Pa will do a lot of spoiling 3 little boys with their big cousin there to help.

  3. thanks for the update!

    i love the pic! happy 4th!!

  4. Great photo Heather! Your baby bump is beautiful. Hang in there! Great list...NO skipping!! ;-)

    Many blessings,

    P.S. I'm sure your boys will cherish their memories of this *slower paced* children just love to be *free*! ENJOY!!

  5. Thank you so much ladies. I'm feeling so very blessed that other than the typical pregnancy discomforts here and there, I'm feeling great overall.

    Camille, The skipping didn't really happen. I think by the time I picked up my other foot to try and hop, I realized that there was a serious mass of weight around my middle that made it impossible to both balance and hop! ;)

    And yes, the boys are LOVING their summer so far which is another huge blessing. There has been no chomping at the bit to get out and no begging for TV/movies that I was afraid might occur...

  6. What a lovely list! Such a wonderful time in life ;) I enjoyed remembering it with you, and wish you well. It really is a brief moment. Enjoy!

  7. Love your list!
    Your family is beautiful. I'm sure you're excited for this sweet little one to arrive.
    Happy 4th!

  8. I love the name you've chosen for her! And very thankful your pregnancy is progressing healthily. It's time for me to get to work on a little blanket for Greta Renee! By the way, thanks for recommending Sacred Marriage-- it's been super!