Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Creativity Inspiring


We've recently come under the spell of this incredibly creative book.  It is always a good sign when an adult is just as captivated by a children's book as they are.  Rich and Greta inspected this book for a good part of the morning a few weeks back.

We found ourselves chuckling at the ingenuity and inspecting each page to see what everyday items were used to create the pictures!  I love books like this because it encourages us to think outside of the box and use objects we have around the home in open-ended ways.

Of course sometimes this creative 'out of the box' kind of thinking backfires.  For instance, last week my three year old took the baby Jesus doll that he made in Sunday School out of a nylon and was using it as a slingshot and/or lasso.  For some reason that just seemed a wee bit disturbing to see him whipping it around and racing to attack his brothers...

What everyday objects do your children play with and transform into something else?


  1. Love this, Heather! It is nonstop in our house. I bought mini cereal boxes as a treat at a sleepover and my daughter immediately confiscated them for her dolls. My sons built a drum set with seven of their toys and have spent hours playing it. I love, love, LOVE their creativity!
    Thanks for making me laugh today!

  2. This looks like it's a great book for inspiring creativity. You know it's good if even Daddy gets involved.

    Poor baby Jesus...

  3. I love this. Greta seems to be enjoying this special time with Daddy. What is better than being read to with great pictures in the comforting arms of Daddy! MiMa

  4. We've gotten other versions of that book at the library--fascinating! My kids use all kinds of stuff to help their imaginations. Mostly it's stuff to make beds and toys for stuffed animals, or outside toys/mud to make a resturaunt.