Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Exploring the World of Walt Disney

I can't help myself...

Life is full of learning opportunities and with grandparents taking us to Disney World for a Christmas gift this year, I took advantage of the opportunity to help prepare them.

So while I was speeding my way through The Unofficial Guide to Disney World with Kids (which I highly recommend), the boys were learning about the man behind the kingdom...

I just love how there are opportunities to learn, discover and enrich our lives, especially when it comes to special trips!  They learned about Disney's creativity, entrepreneurship and of course his art.  We had a geography review as we mapped out our trip (heading to St. Louis first and then Orlando).

Knowledge enriches life.  It adds a layer of enjoyment and it is a delight to cultivate the habit of discovery and exploration in my children.  And of course it is fun for Rich and I as well!
It was so cool to hear their squeals of delight every time they found a photograph or statue of Mr. Walt Disney this last week.

Speaking of learning enriching our lives, Treyton was so excited to see a 'real' portcullis as we passed through the castle. Sure we got some strange looks as he kept shrieking "Portcullis, mommy. There's a portcullis." But as I thought back to our time learning about that last year when he was only two years old, I couldn't help but smile and thank God for the opportunity we have to learn as a family! 
Although I was sick all week, we had a fun time.  I'm super proud that we made it through without losing any children.  And the sling totally made the trip so much more fun.   Greta was able to nap as we hopped on and off rides! And having grandparents there also meant extra hands so we were able to pass her around for some of the more 'exciting' rides!

Getting to see their eyes open on wonder and their imaginations run wild was a real treat!

Today was a mountain of laundry, restocking the fridge and getting Greta back on track.  Tomorrow {hopefully} finds us resuming our normal routine!

While Disney World was fun, I must say I'm enjoying the peace and {semi} quiet. 


  1. Oh, so fun! You all will remember this trip forever! I wouldn't have thought to check out books from the library about Walt Disney before going, but believe me, next time, I'm totally doing it. You do such a tremendous job making everything in life a learning opportunity.

  2. I love that you pulled in character so naturally. Walt Disney is a great example of Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

    I also love that you convey the truth that learning makes life so much more enjoyable. An excited three year old who sees a real, large portcullis! :-)

  3. What a fun trip you have captured in your photos and words! Sorry you were sick during it, but how gratifying to see your teaching paying off like that!

  4. How FUN!! What a great time together as a family with grandparents too! Sorry you were feeling unwell Heather. :( Your photos are great. The boys will have great memories of it all...Greta...not so much. ;-) Although, being in a sling all week can't be all bad.