Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Remembering Sendak

 As we read of the passing of Maurice Sendak, it brought back memories of a post that my mom wrote for an old blog of ours and I thought I would repost it.

Makes me want to go upstairs right now and check on my sleeping 'wild things' - all four of them!


Imagine-Lit: Where the Wild Things Are
{originally posted 8/16/2008}

When this book first came out most adults did not like it.


I had a wild thing and I loved the unseen mom in this book because
  • she enjoys her wild thing
  • she named him wild thing
  • she hung his wild picture
  • she made his wild costume
  • she encouraged his imagination
  • she disciplined him with love
  • she guided him into conquering his wild impulses
  • she loved him best of all… and he knew it.
I related to her and I rejoice when Max returns to his mom and to her unwavering care and love.
It was with great joy that I gave a copy of this book to my wild thing, who now has wild things of her own. 
Colene Lewis
wife, mother, grandmother, speaker, curriculum writer (KONOS Russia curriculum) and currently working for The Alliance Defense Fund.


  1. I love this...a refreshing new outlook for when I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed!

  2. Okay, now I need to meet your mother too!
    Konos writer? Man, you guys are good!
    I need to fly over to your place and get some inspiration :)

  3. Tara H, it is so nice to get a fresh outlook, isn't it? I was blessed all over again and inspired to care for my wild things as I re-read this.

    Heather, please do come for a visit!!!!! It would be so awesome to meet you and your family some day!