Monday, November 30, 2009

Tradition Driven...

Just a year or two I remember agonizing about creating traditions for my kids.  I wanted to find just the right things that my kids would remember and do them in just a way so that they would want to do them the following year.

What I'm now finding is that traditions just happen.  Kids must be hard-wired to seek traditions.  As we approach Christmas time this year it is amazing to see what they remember and what they want to do. 

I think this is the first year we have had our decorations up before December.  Rich and I are both procrastinators, but it looks like our kids will be helping us move past that.  They were begging for the tree, lights outside, their Little People Nativity set and the Christmas book countdown.

When we put the kids to bed Thanksgiving night Xander asked if we could start getting ready for Christmas now that Thanksgiving is past.

So this weekend we set up our tree and hung our lights!

Even Treyton got into it and thankfully in the best kind of way and hasn't been demolishing the tree!

Of course, his super fat lip (complements of Keegan) may have had something to do with his subdued manner. (I'm adjusting to the fact that blood-spilling is going to be a regular part of my life with boys.)

I'd love to hear about some of your Christmas traditions, current or from your childhood.


  1. If Rich remembers, I always started the day after Thanksgiving -- NO BLACK FRIDAY FOR ME!
    It always took me a long time to get the lights just right -- which Rich finally helped me with when he got older. Ours went up before Thanksgiving this year & our Charlie Brown tree outside was the first up in the neighborhood. Randy did a good job on it.